Become a Curvy Model in Chicago

Become a curvy model in Chicago
Stunning Curvy Model in Chicago

How to Become a Curvy Model in Chicago

You can become a Curvy Model in Chicago when you know you have a hint of sensual appeal. Your curves are attractive to men and woman alike. There are many ways you can get your beautiful body to work for you.

These days there are many opportunities to become the model you always dreamed of. Not everyone out there has the body of a traditional model. It only make sense to be attractive when you have a few extra pounds and look normal or even super attractive.

Curvy Model  Chicago

Steps to become the model we all have been waiting for:

1.- Take a few pictures of you posing your best looks in a way you can feel sexy and love your curves.

2.- Find a website where you can create a profile as a curvy model allows women of all types of body figure, age and color.

3.- will promote your profile and you can be found by an agent looking exactly what you look like and your body attributes.

4.- Clothes lines or anyone with an interest in working with a curvy model will contact you and ask for a shoot. You can decide who you want to work with and what you will charge for each shoot.

5.- You can manage your modeling career from home with our having to depend on an agent to find you work.

Become a curvy model in Chicago

How much can a curvy model make

You have the ability to charge whatever you want for a shoot. Keep in mind that when you start, you might wan to keep it competitive. As you get more clients and gain popularity, you can increase what you charge.

You get to keep 100% of what you make. You do have to pay when you sign up or monthly payments to get exposed on

A model website will have a fee for the exposure you get for them. This normally ranges from $40 to $80 a month. If you have let’s say 3 shoots a week at $600- $1,000, you can make a decent living working as a part time curvy model.

Where to work as a curvy model

Curvy models have a high demand in the lingerie industry. This industry has been a great venue for models you poses a nice full body figure. As you can tell by looking at most women, we are not all skinny. Victoria’s Secret is the dream job for any curvy model.

There are also other areas that would love to work with you. They require a bit more confidence since you do a lot of shoots wearing only the basic cloths such as being a model for underwear, pajamas, bras, modeling for magazines or calendars. You have many opportunities to become a Curvy Model in Chicago.

Requirements and measurements

To become a Curvy Model in Chicago you need to have a sand clock figure. Nice bust, smaller waist but again great hips. You can be a size 10 to 14, be 5’5″ or taller. Have nice hair, smile, legs, butt, skin, fresh look and great personality.

Age requirements to become a curvy mode in Chicago

As far as age, you can become a curvy model at almost any age. If you are a minor, you do need consent form form your parents. If you are over 50 you still can but you might not be as popular as someone who is a lot younger. Is your personality what makes the best covey model so even over 50 you can definitely pull it off.

Become a Curvy Model in Chicago today and make your dreams come true. For more information on modeling in Chicago go here.