Model Controversy

Modeling Chcicago

It’s a common misconception that model controversy like the ad is offensive to the Chinese. I’m not a Chinese national but I am of East Asian descent and I found it incredibly racist.

First, the model’s eye make up exaggerated the “slit eyes” Asian stereotype.

Second, the model was made to eat a pizza, a cannoli and spaghetti with chopsticks while the narration mocks her sarcastically for her inaptitude. This includes making the model stab at the pizza in an idiotic frenzy and grinning like an imbecile at the camera while the sarcastic comments went on.

Third, there were sexual innuendos in the narration, most obviously, when the model was made to eat an oversized cannoli while the narrator went, “finally a size you can handle” (previously there was a comment of, is this too big for you?)

There are many other degrading things “not so subtly” inserted in the ad. And that’s what makes it so infuriating, it’s as if the ad creators were trying to sneak those disgusting messages past their own customers, treating them like idiots.

And when called out for it, Stefano just openly insulted the Chinese people by calling them a country of shit, accuse them of eating dogs, etc.

In my opinion, this epitomises racism and sexism. But then again, humanity can always exceed my worst expectations.

We wanted to share this opinion from a modeling managing agency. Hope you enjoy and is helpful.

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Written by Tam Bae